Dr Marten's Lust List

I've always been a huge fan of Dr Marten's, because they're so comfortable, as well as being fashion-forward. I already have a shamefully large collection of Dr Marten's, however that does not, and will not, stop me lusting - and potentially adding to my collection!

Initially I had seen the 1461 Grey Velvet shoes in my local Dr Marten's shop, so had gone online to investigate further. The description given online could not be anymore perfectly 'me' for example "GOTHIC FLAIR IN EMBOSSED VELVET. THE INTRICATE PATTERN WAS FOUND ON AN OLD FABRIC CARD FOR VICTORIAN CURTAINS".

Heading online was an apparently dangerous move, as this then lead me to the 'Halloween' selection of Dr Marten's. The first ones to catch my attention were the 1460 Satin boots which are described as follows "1460 VENA’S USE OF HUMAN VEINS AS PATTERN IS A MACABRE, GOTHIC INTERPRETATION OF THE CLASSIC 6-EYE DR. MARTENS BOOT. THE BOOT’S SATIN INTERIOR AND SILVER EMBROIDERY ON THE EXTERIOR COMBINES WITH A SET OF SIX THICK, OVERSIZED EYELETS STRUNG WITH RICH VELVET LACES. IT’S AN ELABORATE NOD TO THE VICTORIAN ERA, WHEN CLOTHING WAS MEANT TO BE ORNAMENTAL, AND CADAVEROUS BLOOD VESSELS HELD A MYSTERIOUS, GROTESQUE BEAUTY." With Macabre and Gothic in the first sentence, my attention was truly caught. The satin finish of these boots would be a new addition to my multitude of black 1460 Dr Marten boots - that thus far include velvet, reptile print, and fur lined. I love the idea of the silver embroidered vein design, and the thick velvet laces are a beautiful feature.

Secondly, the Daria Stone boots channel the Marc Jacobs A/W 16 Goth Stomper boots in a less commercial way, as the description so aptly states "THICK, ROUNDED LACES ARE STRUNG THROUGH A SERIES OF 32 LARGE, SILVER EYELETS. THAT, ALONG WITH THE BOOT’S CHUNKY BEX SOLES AND COMMANDO TREAD, GIVE THIS BOOT AN ARCHITECTURAL, VISUALLY STRUCTURED LOOK THAT’S PURE GOTH." Again, they had me at 'PURE GOTH'.

Finally, the Molly Patent boots would also add a different texture and finish to my Black Boots collection. To me, the normal 1460 patent boots look a little common. They remind me of everyone in secondary school getting 'my first pair of Dr Marten's because they're trendy'. These Molly boots, with the thick satin laces and shiny finish add something non cliche about them. Described as "WE TOOK THE TOWERING DOUBLE-HEIGHT COMMANDO SOLE OF THE 8-EYE QUAD RETRO WOMAN’S BOOT, AND POWERED IT UP WITH HIGH-SHINE PATENT LAMPER AND A SATIN LACE. BLOOD-RED LIPSTICK AND A HP LOVECRAFT-THEMED DANCE PARTY IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED BUT NOT REQUIRED. "

 Hats off to the copywriters are Dr Marten's for describing all these boots so attractively and accurately. My bank account wishes to scold you.

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