Connie Lim Illustration

AF Vandevorst AW 2015
 Givenchy SS 2016

Commes Des Garcons AW 2015
Versace AW 2015

I recently came across Connie Lim's fashion illustrations when beginning my initial dissertation research. I'm looking for how gothic and dark elements combine within haute couture fashion, and I feel Lim's illustrations epitomize this not only with her style, but also her choice of designers.
Further research led me to finding her fashion playing cards, of which Dazed stated "she places glamorous girls into playing card themes, brimming with elegance and an eerie Gothic-tinge in her experimentation with various Manga styles."
In A Level art, I looked extensively on fashion illustration, however I had never found Connie Lim before. This is greatly unfortunately as I feel it may have steered my projects in the macabre, dark path I wished. Nonetheless, I can still admire and take inspiration from her work and anticipate her next creations.

all images courtesy of Connie Lim


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