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1&2 bedding sets from both from Ikea, 3 grey chesterfield sofa, 4 picture and frame from Densenio, 5 dressing table and stool from Dunelm

Although it feels as though I've only been in my current house for a few months, I actually only have a further two months here. Then, after a month of crashing at my boyfriends house, I'll be moving into my next, and final, student house. This year I ended up with the smallest, and most awkwardly shaped room of the house, which limited my decor options. Although we haven't settled exactly on rooms for each of us, all the rooms are significantly bigger than my current one and I'm so excited to decorate my new space.
Obviously, as it is a short term, student rented property, my decoration will have to be limited as I can't paint it. Therefore all my personal touches will have to stuff like picture frames, bedding and candles etc.
Whilst browsing, I got a little distracted and started planning my future decor, my first non-student decor, hence the sofa and the dressing table! I really love pinterest as a form of inspiration for everything from beauty, to style, to travel and interiors, so I included some inspiration I found on there within the mood board.
My new house is painted dark grey on the exterior, so I took this as inspiration for my interior. My current room is very black heavy, with touches of grey, so next year I want to add a few more grey touches. The two bedding sets are from Ikea and I really want to combine the two, so use the dark grey sheet and 2 sets of pillows with the floral cover and further 2 pillows, and vice versa.
The chesterfield sofa is something, obviously, for a future home, but I have lusted over velvet chesterfields for a very long time. Its definitely outside of my imaginary price frame but I can dream eh?
This painting, along with loads more from Densenio are so nice; there are lots of fashion and beauty inspired pieces. But this skull woman caught my eye and I might treat myself to it as a moving in present.
Finally, this dressing table, along with the entire bedroom set from Dunelm are all my interior goals in one collection. I'm ever tempted to just buy it and keep it in the flat pack box until I have a flat I can put it in, because chances are, it'll be discontinued by the time I need it! It's so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, and for it's detail, not too expensive!
Other things I want to get but haven't included, are a new clothes rail as mine has definitely broken and is lopsided currently, a silver tray to put candles and incense etc on, and a plethora of frames to put pictures and Polaroids in.
I'm so excited to move into my new place, and also to commence my final year as a Fashion and Dress history student!

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