Black Block Heeled Boots

I'm not a heels person. The major reason behind this is because I have some metalwork in my feet and toes so it's almost impossible to bend my toe into six inch heels, however my clumsiness and total lack of balance contributes.
When I was younger, I'd attempt to wear platform stilettos to Oceana - both the shoes and the venue now make me cringe. However, I'd almost always last for about an hour before taking them off and braving the glass ridden floor or bringing a pair of flats with me. 
This soon became tiresome, and combined with the inevitable pain caused by heels, I opted for flats for every occasion. Fortunately, I'm 5 foot 6, which is apparently the national average height for women, however I always feel quite tall.
Until recently, I'd never really felt the urge to try heels again. I've recently bought some really nice flats that went well with lots of my outfits and also could pass for a night out. However, I came across the above Public Desire perspex heel vinyl boots on ASOS and fell in lust. The heel height is only 4 inches, which I feel might be manageable, and would make me the same height as my boyfriend.
From here I decided to browse some further block heeled boots.
For the past month or so, I've had an idea for a pair of shoes that I really want, but can't find. They featured a silver block heel, with all black everything else. They also had a point. I don't think they currently exist, however, I did find these Rachel Zoe and Office shoes that almost embody my perfect, potentially completely made up, dream shoe.
Finally, I took a fancy to open toe boots. As previously mentioned, I have metalwork in my toes. I have scars which I really hate, so very rarely get my feet out, even when I'm at home. I never wear open toe anything. I really, really hate my feet. Or at least I thought I did. For the past week, when imagining outfits to go with some amazing Topshop denim culottes I just bought (watch this space!) I envisaged wearing them with black leather open toe block heeled boots, something that has never even crossed my mind before.  I think I finally realized that everyone's toes are kinda gross. If other people, with arguably uglier feet than mine are embracing the Birkenstock's now that the sun has come out, why shouldn't I?
Over the past few months, I have gradually started picking up more tailored, masculine pieces. I've always been a fan of combining masculine silhouettes with feminine touches like lace or satin, and I've finally started to embrace that. The only thing that I feel is stopping me feeling completely comfortable in this style is my penchant for flat shoes. To me, I felt I was dressing far too masculine, so maybe this was the source for my interest in the block heeled boot to accompany, and feminize my outfits.
Maybe it's time to push myself outside my comfort zone, both metaphorically and physically as these may hurt! Let's see how long it takes before I twist my ankle, eh?


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