New In: H&M, ASOS, Zara & NYX Cosmetics

I've been really absent on Nouvelle Noire as of late, partly due to it being deadline season at University and also taking a lot of overtime at work, and party due to my complete lack of motivation and inspiration. After completing around 10,000 words in the last month, split between presentation notes and essays, once I begin to think about writing for here, my brain is all but melted and a glass (read: bottle) of wine has been far more appealing.
However, with only one more deadline looming, and some new purchases in hand, I have finally decided to break my writing hiatus. Over the past month or so, in a bid to keep my little brain sane in between essay writing and dissertation research, I've had a few 'treat yourself' moments.
Although, as usual, my clothing purchases were still all black, and my lipstick choice still red, I have gone outside my comfort zone in terms of brand choices.
I have always dismissed Zara. I used to believe it was very basic, uninspiring, over-priced and too sophisticated, or rather boring, for my personal style. However, the last 3 times I've been in there I've either lusted after something, or just outright bought something! This faux leather camisole dress with lace detailing caught my eye immediately. Although it is a pretty simple dress, the cut and material make it feel like it's worth so much more than it's £22.99 price tag. It's fairly heavy for faux leather, which gives weight to it's shape and lets it fall in a really flattering way. I also bought a lace shirt and a faux leather A-line skirt recently, which I'll be featuring soon! My opinion of Zara has totally changed; I am definitely a convert! Especially since I've seen this faux leather jacket, that I mat treat myself to as a overtime / final hand in present.
The last time I posted on here, I wrote about my H&M Trend edit. I finally bought something from it this month, in the form of this cold shoulder top. Although I bought it in store, it's currently on sale online, making it far more affordable. Again, it's a beautiful material and cut and I'll definitely be making the most of it while the weather is a bit nicer. I've been trying to play around with textures and silhouettes in my wardrobe, edging away from H&M Divided Grey and attempting to channel a bit more sophistication into my look, so keep an eye out for future outfit posts to see how this develops.
This month I also discovered TheTigerStyles on instagram, and consequently her blog of the same name. I would definitely recommend you follow her for interior and style inspiration if you're a fan of all black everything like I am! Having a browse through her instagram and blog, I became fixated by these London Rebel shoes. After having a look on the ASOS app, I found only size 8 available and all the rest sold out. Upset as I was, I tweeted the ASOS 'here to help' team who suggested I look again daily in case sizes are returned. Low and behold, the next day there was a solitary pair of size 5's! Usually I'm a 4, however with the pointed toes, and my problem prone feet, a 5 was perfect. Unfortunately, I can't link these shoes, as they're now sold out, however I recommend having a look at their other styles if, like me, you love a good pair of flats.
Finally, I was really curious to try some NYX Cosmetics since it began retailing in Boots. I'd only ever heard good things, however I have always been a M.A.C girl. My bank balance, on the other hand, is definitely more Boots currently. Therefore I wanted to try out this more affordable brand, now that it was far easier to attain. I'm a fan of a matte lip, and liquid to matte lipsticks are a current favourite. I bought the NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede creme lipstick in Cherry Skies and the lip liner in 'dark red' to match, and also use with M.A.C Diva and Sin. Usually I use 'currant' lip liner, as I'm waiting for a replacement 'nightmoth', however I find it to have a slightly too purple undertone. Since using the 'dark red' I can definitely tell the difference and Diva especially is a far nicer, deep red tone.

So, although my item's may appear to be my usual style, all black and deep red lips, I've attempted to try new things this month. Look out for upcoming posts featuring these items!

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