H&M Trend Edit

H&M is an amazing high street retailer for well priced basics and fashion pieces. Working there is even better as with my discount I can, even with my student budget, update my wardrobe pretty often - perhaps too often as I am constantly surrounded by the stock, with new stuff added each day. Thus far, my picks have always been from the Divided Collection, or more specifically Divided Grey which is almost a more affordable All Saints style. 
However, recently I've been given more responsibility in the Trend section of our shop. The Trend label is a more premium collection, high prices granted, but with that comes a higher quality and, unsurprisingly given it's title, more trend led pieces. Since I've been more acquainted with the items from this collection, my wish list has gradually, but significantly, increased. Fortunately, or rather unfortunately for my bank account, my student loan has gone in so hopefully some of the picks from my H&M Trend edit as shown above will soon be hanging on my all black clothes rail!
Although not all stores hold this label, as it is targeted mostly at the larger stores in central cities, it is all available online. Although some of the prices seem pretty high - for example the suede and leather trousers at either end of the above image are pushing £200 - the quality is definitely worth it, and even better, often Trend pieces enter the sale with amazing discounts, the leather skirt in the centre was £119.99, however online is now £66. Definitely keep an eye out for up to 50% off Trend items as it is not uncommon, and makes them more affordable for the same quality. 
You can shop H&M Trend in larger stores and online here

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