Nasty Gal X Courtney Love

A topic much written about on Nouvelle Noire is the nineties grunge revival and the designer interpretations of neo-grunge style that, for me, loses the gritty core essential to the original grunge kids. You can read my rather ranty post about this here.
However, when I became aware of the Courtney Love and Nasty Gal collaboration I was instantly interested. Poster girl for grunge and muse of Heidi Slimane at YSL, Love created a capsule collection that was truly reminiscent of her lingerie inspired nineties stage style.
As is probably evident, I am a huge fan of underwear as outerwear, so this collection is basically my dream wardrobe, combining elements of lingerie, such as babydoll silhouettes and lace detailing, with satin and sheer materials. It is even described online as 'badass lingerie you can wear all day!'.
 The collection, titled 'Love Courtney by Nasty Gal', presents an affordable version of the trend that's being mimicked by designers for ten times the price. All the pieces are priced between $48 and $188 (roughly £30 to £120) which, albeit still quite expensive for hughstreet clothing, it is far more attainable than their designer counterparts. Similarly, the quality looks high and the styles, especially in the underwear, will arguably not go out of style any time soon. So, for investment lingerie and fans of underwear as outerwear, this is a great collection.

Find below my top pics of the collection, and see the rest of the collection here.

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