Gesticulapathy by Connor Kinsey

Back in December there was a free exhibition called 'Movement' held in Brighton showcasing video installations and photography from upcoming artists, demonstrating the work of Creative Media students.

One of the video installations at the exhibition was the above short horror film, 'Gesticularpathy'. 
Created by Connor Kinsey, the just over 2 minute long film encompasses many elements of the gothic, horror genre.
Whilst it uses common horror film tropes - less than 10 seconds in there is a spider, along with an eerie rocking horse and a shadow on the stairs scene evocative of the infamous 'Nosferatu' scene - the cinematography gives it a fresh take on the horror genre. Filmed in black and white, naturally, the film veers away from cliche horror, to a more abstract, artistic concept. The scenes make you uncomfortable, rather than making you shocked like a cheap jump scare, which is ultimately more unnerving and disturbing. It also has a very realistic element to it, all the things could actually happen in ones home, or are things that one is scared of happening.

Of the film, Connor says:

"We, as humans, fear movement. We fear loneliness, divide and separation from others. Juxtaposed to this ideology, we fear movement of company that is not necessarily wanted, unknown movement when alone. Certain forms of movement trigger adaptive responses that are likely to have been conditioned during the evolution of homo sapiens.
Gesticulapathy pushes ourselves to confront movement and pulls apart the foundation of fearing it. The subjects in the sequence individually represent everyday movement whilst in some cases projecting hyper-realism in a bleak and lonely visual landscape"

This, for me, is an incredibly unique interpretation of the brief of 'Movement'. I, for one, definitely fear the idea of paranormal activity and unknown movements or the feeling of an unwanted and unseen presence.

I expect to see more from Connor Kinsey in the future- hopefully sticking with the horror theme!

Check out his youtube channel here

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