Saint Laurent Paris Spring / Summer '16

As anticipated, the Spring/Summer '16 fashion week sourced little inspiration for my style. Predictably, the collections on show were severely lacking in black , and as the irreverent Miranda Priestly once stated "florals for Spring? How groundbreaking!"
However, Heidi Slimane did not disappoint with the Saint Laurent Paris summer goth offerings. Showing in Paris, the collection had the trademark grungey feeling as seen in previous seasons, combined with underwear as outerwear in the form of lace camisoles and slips.
Evidently, lingerie is set to be a huge trend for Spring / Summer '16 with several designers incorporating it into their collections, including Givenchy in New York which was written about on Nouvelle Noire here.
The nineties grunge look is obviously still an inspiration to Slimane, who often fuses fashion and music culture together in both his designs and photography. Extremely reminiscent of Courtney Love circa Hole, the collection combines barely there dresses with oversized leather biker jackets, contrasting bare legs with heavy boots.

Whilst the majority of fashion month was uninspiring, this gave me a small sense of excitement to see what lace and leather combinations the high street may replicate.

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