Charity Chic with Chestnut Tree House

Last week I was invited down to Chestnut Tree House charity shop in Brighton to look at their newly launched 'dark corner'. Located in the alternative and student area of London Road in Brighton, the decision to set aside a corner for dark fashion and lifestyle will, I'm sure, be welcomed!

Unlike most of my student friends, I'm not usually a charity shop fiend. One of my best friends, Lottie, could definitely usurp Mary Portas as Queen of Charity Shops. She has a keen eye and the patience to thrift through charity shops and is rewarded with a plethora of gems, including several All Saints pieces for a mere fraction of the price.
For me, charity shops were previously where I'd get books and dvds. Highlights so far include the entire Hannibal hard back book series, for about £3.
As might be prevalent already, my wardrobe is almost exclusively black. Therefore, usually when entering a charity shop that are generally colour coordinated in layout, I only have a small rail to look at. That was, however, until Chestnut Tree House have introduced their black section.

Not limited just to clothes, when I was invited down there was the Dita Von Teese "Art of Teese" book, a selection of really good horror dvds, and even some macabre art, all available to purchase for a really reasonable price. Not only is the stock of high quality, it is always changing, with daily donations being received and put out. I found this amazing Pearce Fionda black dress with a train for just £18! It fit perfectly and looked incredibly Morticia Addams-eque.

On that note, charity shops are the perfect place to look for Halloween inspiration! Unlike many, Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday, so I don't mind investing time and money into my costume(s). However, should Halloween not be as important to you, charity shops are perfect places to buy outfits that you don't mind covering in fake blood!

Ultimately though, the best thing about the dark corner in Chestnut Tree House, is supporting the amazing work that the charity does. It is a Sussex based children's hospice that helps ill children live as comfortably and happily as they can on good days, or most importantly on bad days. They also offer support to all the families of ill children as well. It is such a beautiful charity, which you can find out more about here. Because it is a local charity, the sense of support and appreciation is overwhelming, and whilst the launch of the black corner is enticing, the idea that my purchase can help toward the amazing work that Chestnut Tree House provide is far more rewarding.

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  1. Love this post Jade, didn't expect me to pop up, lovely read! xx