No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn

Despite it being almost 2 months since I went to New York, I'm only just getting round to editing my photos and video footage of one of the best trips of my life. I went a bit M.A.C mad on this holiday, returning with three new lipsticks, all from the new matte lips collection. In the above images I'm wearing 'Royal Matte', a beautiful blue shade. If you aren't already aware, I almost exclusively wear black, with the occasional grey, burgundy or navy thrown in. I brought this inky midnight blue tulle skirt from Topshop for my birthday / halloween last year and thought it would go perfectly with the lipstick. Apologies for the slightly shaky images, my camera is pretty old and on screen it looks focused, however once I got them onto my laptop, such was not the case!
We were in Brooklyn for a Motley Crue and Alice Cooper gig, which was incredible. As much as I loved Manhattan, there was something about the vibe in Brooklyn that I really liked, moreso than in Manhattan. It's definitely somewhere I want to go back to and explore further, perhaps even to the extent of living there at some point. 

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