Fashion Photography Talk at Conde Nast College

London Fashion Week has begun and my first event of the season was a talk at the Conde Nast college of fashion and design in soho, where Fashion Week has now moved to from its previous longstanding residence at Sommerset House. This specific talk, put on by the British Fashion Council and American Express, caught my eye as on my return to university next week, I'm planning to take some photography modules, and thought this was the perfect preparation.

The panel consisted of Miles Aldridge, renowned fashion photographer and Isamaya Ffrench, makeup artist and YSL beaute ambassador and was chaired by W magazines, Gianluca Longo. 

Aldridge's work is visually stunning, often with a dark edge: he does, after all, work with Vogue Italia a lot. They remind me a lot of film stills, and his use of colour is exquisite. 

The talk itself was engaging and interesting. What it made me think, however, was how much has changed for the fashion industry with the advancement of technology. Miles still shoots on film, rather than using digital. For me, I feel like fashion, especially fashion photography, was much more of an art and skill in the age previous to technology. 
Miles explained how, even still, he avoids facial retouching and relies on the makeup artists and lighting to create flawless shots. I feel that nowadays it's so easy to reply on retouching that, and this is just personal opinion, people can get lazy. The reliance on post photographic work has meant that the work doesn't have to be perfect first time round. 

Another point of conversation was Instagram, and it's affect on fashion photography. Whilst many still use it for photos of their dog/cat/grandma/dinner, instagr is an easy way to tailor and curate your aesthetic to the digital world. Which has both benefits and problems. It is almost an illusion of ones self and an attempt to validate your style through likes, rather than through creativity and talent getting noticed organically. 

Overall the talk was really inspiring and I can't wait to put some of the things I learnt to practice in my upcoming classes. 

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