The Beauty of Basics

As a student with no washing machine, in an attempt to avoid the depressing nature of trips to the laundrette, I have invested in a plethora of basics. Whilst many of them are doubles, and sometimes even triples of the same basic tee, vest or skirt - all in black naturally - I've come to realise just how necessary they are in a 'staple' wardrobe. Although this revelation did come through sheer laziness, I found the below video from The Row, the brain child of Mary Kate & Ashley, which shows in such an artistic manner how important basics are.

In my quest to procrastinate and avoid revision and essay writing, I have spent a lot of time on pinterest, on which I found a really chic infographic titled 'Wardrobe Essentials'. Whilst I disagree with certain aspects, for example the cream jumper and I disagree that heels are essential, on the whole I believe that most of the items do build the foundations for an easily interchangeable wardrobe that one can then add elements of personal style through colour choices, accessories and brands. Find below my own personal, all black every thing, wardrobe essentials.

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