Another Day, Another All Black Outfit & A Visit Back to London

Last week I came back to London for almost a whole week, which is the longest I've been back home since moving to Brighton back in September, and will probably be the only lengthy period of time I'll be back over summer too. My beautiful friend Millie, over at She Hearts The High Street, took these shots in Soho after a much needed catch up, with mandatory visits to The Great Frog and later I went to my favourite metal bar, Cro Bar.  I also went to the Natural History Museum, saw Jurassic World and 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' at Harrow Arts Centre, which you can read about here, and saw lots of family and friends, although I do kinda wish I was at Download that weekend and HellFest the one just gone.
As much as I love going back to see everyone and enjoy London, I am really looking forward to seeing Brighton in summer and moving into my new house. I've definitely been cheating on fashion with furnishings at the moment, but I cannot wait to turn my new bedroom into a little black dungeon in August! 

This is kind of catch up post as I've been a bit slack with blogging during my first year of uni, although I'm hoping to pick it back up soon because I'm feeling a lot more inspired as of late, so watch this space...

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