Cuddles at Marlborough Theatre, Brighton

One of the best things about living in Brighton, as I have just discovered, is the Fringe Festival taking place throughout May. A celebration of Art, Culture and Creativity, Brighton Fringe is a eclectic mix of events taking place across the city for an entire month, ranging from independent theatre, to art open houses and comedy shows. Although Brighton is arguably a highly creative city all year rounds, in May, each and every day has something new to offer, with a large number of events being free - which is fantastic for a skimpy student like myself. 

My first taste of the Fringe was attending a play at The Marlborough Theatre which is located, conveniently, right next door to my campus. Previously I'd only ever been for a university social (a pub quiz in which my team came last, naturally) and for pubs nights with pals, featuring lots of boardgames that are dotted around the Marlborough and games of pool. There is also a bath tub with cushions you can sit in. The venue itself is pretty cool and theres such a chilled vibe to it. 

It was on one of these aforementioned pub nights that I saw a flyer for Cuddles a play at the beginning of the Fringe. The flyer image was as below:

As a self-confessed lover of horror and anything a bit disturbing, this obviously caught my eye. Upon reading the synopsis of the play, I learnt it was about a 13 year old Vampire called Evie who lives with, and drinks the blood of, her elder sister and guardian Tabby. Evie has lived in one room for her entire life, governed by a list of rules she and Tabby have made up together. However in the 90 minute play, we follow the pair attempting to change the rules and their lives.

With only two actors present in the entire play, and a simple set, Cuddles is phenomenal. With so many dark twists and turns along the way, and brilliant acting from both the drastically different characters, it kept me intrigued and interested throughout. Evie's innocence and Tabby's sarcasm bounce off each other in the play written by Joseph Wilde and produced by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord. The small scale of the Marlborough Theatre really reflects and reiterates the confinement that Evie feels in her small room and the darkness adds to the tension. Although I guessed a bit of the ending about halfway through, I was still disturbingly pleased with the darkness of the ending, especially by some of the shocking revelations that I had not even given a second thought to!

Cuddles was only on at The Marlborough Theatre for 3 nights, however it is still touring the UK and even going across the Atlantic to New York in Summer. A full list of dates can be seen below:
2015 Tour Dates:
29-30 April MAC, Birmingham, 
1-3 May Marlborough Theatre, Brighton 
6-16 May Ovalhouse, London 
19-23 May Royal Exchange, Manchester 
25-26 May Barbican Theatre, Plymouth 
3-28 June 59E59 Theatres, New York

Similarly, The Marlborough Theatre have plenty more shows and events running throughout the year, with even more in May with the Fringe. Their full list of upcoming events can be seen here. I know I definitely want to see Wolf Meat! 

I will leave you with the Cuddles trailer, definitely worth a visit to the Theatre for!

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