Renee Ruin is a blog that I have followed for a long time. I love her style and blog content which always helps me discover new brands, designers or girl crushes. Renee recently launched 3 solid silver necklaces that play on the 'name necklace' made most famous by Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and The City.

Renee describes the necklaces on Renee Ruin as "The 'ANTI' Collection is a feminist reinterpretation or piss take if you will of the classic "Carrie" sweetheart style necklaces and will definitely make a great statement piece to satisfy the sass in all of us."

I must confess, I do own a name necklace. I've worn my 'Jadebd' necklace for years now, although I do find it creepy at times when strangers know my name without asking it. I personally didn't do it because of Carrie Bradshaw - who I believe an awfully anti-feminist, unrelatable fictional character for modern women. 

What I really like about the Renee Ruin ANTI collection is their uniqueness. I love that people will read it expecting a name, then be intrigued once they read either 'Nobody', 'Nothing' or my personal favourite 'NotYours'. 

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Since posting this, Renee has published some editorial images of the collection and they are stunning. See the shots below, styled by Renee Ruin herself, photographed by Steph Cammarano with makeup by Emma Craddock.

You can purchase the Renee Ruin 'ANTI' Necklaces here, and make sure you check out Renee Ruin's blog and instagram too!

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