I know I'm a bit late to the Drop Dead X Black Sabbath Party, but these Lookbook shots are too beautiful not to feature. I've always been aware of Drop Dead, admiring from afar. However, having listened to more Bring Me The Horizon as of recent and developing a slight obsession with Oli and Hannah (new relationship goals) I actually visited the Drop Dead shop just off Carnaby Street this week. Resulting in a really long wish list and an over-draft waiting to be spent! I especially fell in love with the Black Sabbath Jacket with floral embroidery. 

You can still shop the Black Sabbath collection for men and women here. Although I can't wait to see their Spring Launches and 2015 collaborations!


  1. She's ace isn't she. I only found out about her recently when I got Instagram. What's the store like? The Sheffield one's literally 5 mins from my office but I've never been! I wonder how it differs from the London one.. GNAR MOSH

  2. Hey blog twin ;) Love these designs, the embroidery on the jacket is spectacular and really lifts it.Your blog is beautiful!

    Sarah (from the other Nouvelle Noire!)