As is probably evident from Nouvelle Noire, the gothic, macabre and all things related to the horror genre excite me. As does performance and the theatre, in particular costuming. Last week, the Mark Bruce Company, a contemporary ballet dance company, performed their newest dance theatre piece 'Dracula' in Brighton. Unfortunately, having already booked to go to 'An Evening of Burlesque' at Theatre Royal - more about which to come, I was unable to attend 'Dracula', however the concept of a favourite gothic tales being retold in the form of contemporary ballet was intriguing. Two course friends went and told me all about it, showing me the above trailer, which was so darkly beautiful I knew I had to share it on Nouvelle Noire.

Bruce’s company of ten exceptional dancers bring Bram Stoker’s haunting, erotic tale to life in a heart wrenching and magical dance theatre production. With an eclectic mix of music from Bach and Mozart to Ligeti and Fred Frith, Bruce explores choreographic styles ranging from the subtlety of classical etiquette to visceral contemporary dance. 
(Quote from Mark Bruce Company website)

Fortunate enough to have seen two ballets before, both of 'The Nutcracker' by The Moscow Ballet formerly and at the London Coliseum just last December, this contemporary ballet was much different. Although, without actually physically seeing the performance it is hard for one to pass judgement, from the trailer, Mark Bruce's 'Dracula' appears to be far darker and more modern than the prior ballets. The set appears to be incredibly dark, almost as if it is straight from a Tim Burton film, whereas the costumes are far more understated and less 'costume-like'.  The contrast of the beautifully delicate ballet with the erotic, gothic themes presented by Stoker create an intoxicating juxtaposition. 

This was a unique representation of Vampires, far more artistic and imaginative than pop culture usually portrays them (I'm looking at you Twilight). Unlike other portrayals, its sexy without being cliche, haunting without relying on the grotesque and gruesome. 

Unfortunately, the performance is no longer on, however I feel it imperative to catch their next performance. Find out more about Mark Bruce Company's 'Dracula' here 

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