Last month, the incredibly talented and equally beautiful Cally Jo graced the pages of tattoo magazine Things&Ink. Shot by fine art and fashion photographer Philip Rhys Matthews, art directed by Marina De Salis, with hair and makeup by Adrianna Veal, Cally Jo wore numerous corsets by Deborah Brand in the elegant beauty spread. The images were so hauntingly beautiful, something I've yet to come across in tattoo magazine. Unlike the stereotypical 'girls with ink' shots, usually in some form of lingerie at most, or absolutely nothing at least, these artistic style pictures show the side to tattoo culture and art I most appreciate; seeing the body as a canvas and covering it with art made from ink on the skin. 

Cally Jo's accompanying interview is incredibly interesting, and her artwork and tattoo's can be viewed here. Her intricate style is beautiful and I hope to adorn myself with some of her work in the near future - perhaps even during my impending trip to New York in January!

Things&Ink also have a fantastic blog, on which they cover a range of topics besides just tattooing, from films, art, fashion and lots more.  "The New Normal" promo video for their latest issue 'Stripped Back' (available to buy here) has a distinct American Horror Story: Freak Show vibe, and like all aspects of the magazine, it approaches the tattoo culture and 'lifestyle' in an incredibly artistic and elegant fashion. 

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