After having a small hiatus from reading fashion magazine, due to starting university and thus moving house and having to readjust to homework and only reading course related items, I found myself without anything to read on my train journey back home to London. Therefore I decided to indulge in November's ELLE UK Magazine, partly due to the beautiful Anne Hathaway gracing the cover as well as the alluring promise of Autumn Fashion, my favourite season for fashion. The Anne Hathaway editorial and feature did not disappoint, however the fashion spread that caught my attention the most was the grunge 'High Street Edit'. Featuring high street giants Urban Outfitters, Topshop and H&M alongside more attainable higher end brands such as Sandro, All Saints, The Kooples and McQ by Alexander McQueen. By 'attainable', I mean 'slightly more affordable' - at least in contrast to the four figure costs of the items of the previous fashion features. Unlike some other 'grunge' fashion spreads I've seen in other fashion magazines, something about ELLE's high street  edit had a sense of authenticity to it. Despite the still fairly high cost of each outfit - each outfit shown in each of the shots costs on average £600 - there is a less polished, faux-grunge air to it. Rather the prints, textures and silhouettes, or lack thereof, replicate that of the nineties yet is translated for the modern consumer with the inclusion of statement coats, shoes and accessories. 

Shop ELLE Edit: Modern Grunge here or see the full editorial in ELLE UK November Issue, on sale now.

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