Nirvana Tee - Primark (!!) | Cropped Denim Jacket - New Look | Double Slit Maxi Skirt - MissGuided | Cherry Red Shoes - Dr Martens | Bag - Mulberry | Sunglasses - Stall | Choker - Claire's

Band Tees make up a sizeable proportion of my current wardrobe. Most are hand-me-downs from my aforementioned metal-head parent's, plus a few collected myself a festivals and gigs alike. Recently, I have added to my vintage, if you will, collection with some modern additions from high-street stores. Band Tee's are 'in' at the moment, which although makes them more readily available and thus easier for myself and other musical fans to purchase, it also means that those who have never heard of the band, let alone able to name even one song, are wearing them. 

Band Tees are, admittedly, a surefire way to channel your inner rock chick and they are an effortless way to emulate the coveted 'I'm with the band' look of the likes of Kate Moss, Kylie Jenner or more recently, and controversially, style maven Alexa Chung who was spotted wearing an Arctic Monkey's tee despite splitting for the band's lead singer many years ago. However my own personal rule for wearing band tees is: unless you can name at least 3 songs by the band, don't buy the t-shirt!

This Outfit of the Day, featuring a Nirvana tee that I picked up on Primark - of all places! - was from a recent trip to a Tattoo exhibition at Sommerset house, which I will be posting about soon. Another all-black summer outfit, of course! I have a love-hate relationship with this maxi skirt; the slits are incredibly high cut so with the inevitable British wind it can borderline indecent at times, however I do really like how this makes it so different to a regular black jersey maxi skirt. 

Thank you to Millie, of She Hearts The High Street, for the as always perfect photography!

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