As previously mentioned in the recent 'Hedi Slimane- Sonic' post, a key trend for the upcoming Autumn / Winter is sixties meets nineties. Seen prominently on the Saint Laurent Paris passerelle, this look combines the short hemlines and A-line silhouettes for the sixties with grunge inspired messy cat flick eyeliner and distressed biker leathers, from jackets to trousers.

High Street pioneers Topshop have translated this trend for those whose budget is less Prada and more purse-friendly, in the unveiling of their Autumn / Winter campaign featuring model d'jour Cara Delavigne. The images, that will form their print and online advertorial campaigns, epitomise this trend. Reference to the swinging sixties is evident, in the pointed chelsea-esque boots and A-Line shapes, while the nineties influence creeps in through the tousled slight beehive hair style that looks as if it's been worn in or left from the night before, the smudgy cat flick eyeliner and the distressed jeans and biker jacket.

This campaign is truly autumnal, with deep nail polish and plenty of jackets ready for the crisp English winter air. Oasis style parker jackets and the acoustic guitar prop give these images the Hedi Slimane style 'I'm with the band' look, a look that previous Topshop collaborator and longterm friend of the owner of the high street empire Sir Phillip Green, Kate Moss has perfected. In many ways, Delavigne evokes the rock chick aura of Moss in these images, in the effortless chicness whilst maintaining the allure that she has just spent the night at the after party of a rock gig and partied into the early hours with the band. This look, personally, is a much coveted look and considered an art, one in which Kate and Cara are definitely avant-gardists.

Find below the top picks of the Autumn / Winter Topshop featuring Cara Delavigne collection. The entire collection is available now from Topshop.com. Campaign images from vogue.co.uk

Cara Delavigne for Topshop

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