Like all my interests, from fashion to art, film to architecture, I also like my comedy dark. I've never particularly been a fan of American comedy and 'silly' humour, such as Friends or Family Guy. I like comedy that's well thought out, slightly sophisticated and not afraid to talk about dark topics. I'm also a huge fan of the word c*nt, in both comedy and in life. 

On Sunday evening, British comic Russell Kane performed a preview of his Edinburgh festival monologue at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park and I was fortunate enough to get tickets. This incredibly dark monologue is very different to Russell's usual upbeat, if not a little camp, stand up. 

The hour long monologue centres around Craig Solly, a psychotic gangster muderer, who addresses you, the audience, as the friends and family of his victims in this pitch-black comedy that takes the form of his 'closure' session. Set in his prison cell, the one-man show is anything but remorseful. Tackling topics such as drugs, violence and racism, Kane puts a sick twist on the 'closure' session, an idea designed to give the criminal and families of the victim just that; closure. 

Craig Solly however, doesn't want your forgiveness.

Full of my above criteria for dark comedy, The Closure of Craig Solly is controversial, intelligent and I lost count of the amount of times c*nt was used. Overall it was a fantastic performance. It was great to see Russell take on such a dark character. I was lucky enough to actually get to talk to him after the performance, and of course, I completely fan girled and got a picture. He said on the topic of acting 'If you're going to act, you might as well go for it and be someone completely different.' He described the monologue as seeing the 'dying noises of an animal'. This was only his second performance, however to me at least, it seemed flawless. 

Russell Kane's The Closure of Craig Solly will be performed between the 18th and 24th of August at the Edinburgh Festival, and is definitely one not to miss.

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