I was fortunate enough to have been born of two self confessed Metal Heads. This meant that from an early age, I'd been exposed to great music and taken to festivals such as Download and Reading (back when it was good and not full of 16 year olds like it is now). This exposure inevitably influenced my taste in music to this day and also largely my fashion choices and the evolution of my style. After having a two year hiatus from the festival frontier, this year my Dad kindly bought me a Sunday Day ticket to Sonisphere in Knebworth. My Mum and her husband Jon, plus my Dad's girlfriend Sue also went so in a way it was a slightly dysfunctional family day out. Don't worry though, we all get on fine! Although I would have liked to go for the whole weekend, mainly to see Prodigy on the Friday, festivals are super expensive, plus I thought it would have been a tad cheeky to demand a weekend ticket as I wasn't the one paying!

Sunday's Line-Up was fantastic. Metallica as headliners, with the likes of Alice In Chains and Mastodon suppoting on the main stages and one of my favourite bands, Reel Big Fish on the second stage, Sunday was probably the best day to go, albeit not having Prodigy. As a Knebworth / Sonisphere virgin, I was surprised yet grew to like the compact size of the festival. I thought the set up was great, with the two bigger stages facing each other and timings organised so as not to miss any of the biggest bands, no overlaps and having to decide to leave a band halfway through in order to secure your spot for the next band on a different stage. Unfortunately I didn't have much charge on my phone so my photos are sparse. However, I kind of liked the fact that I couldn't take many pictures / videos, as it meant I actually watched the bands as opposed to watching them through my phone screen trying to take an instagrammable video / photo!

 Metallica on the Apollo Stage
Reel Big Fish on Saturn Stage

Now, although the festival was primarily about the music, of course, that didn't stop me satisfying two of my other loves- food and fashion. Music festivals usually have a really great selection of alt and hard to find elsewhere clothing, often at discounted and extremely cheap prices. Sonisphere had a brilliant Iron Fist clothing stall, where they had a fab misfits dress (also only in a Large- sad face), as well as a plethora of band tees and silver skull rings! I had two distinct purchases in mind however: sunglasses (as I stupidly forgot mine) and vintage cut off levi's. Thankfully I found both, plus an extra cheeky purchase. 

Festival food is notoriously something that you should give a wide berth too, especially if you're camping and having to risk the awful portaloos, or even worse the bushes. However, as I knew I was heading home that evening where my fully functioning and clean smelling toilet was, I decided to give it a go. A Vegan Veggie burger that was bigger than my head and 3 chocolate and cinnamon covered donuts later, I survived and my god it was glorious! 

Finally, as a fashion focused blog, my Outfit of the Day. Fortunately, as I only had a day ticket I had the luxury of getting up and having a shower and time to get ready, something I would have lacked if I have done the weekender and camped. Obviously I wore the obligatory Metallica vest, paired with some skulls, chunky boots incase of rain or mud and layers a-plenty to cater for the ever unpredictable British weather!

Metallica Vest- Bershka
Skull Dip Hemmed Skirt - H&,
Boots - small shop in Rome
Kimono - H&M
Bag - TK Maxx
Sunglasses - Stall @ Sonisphere
Levi's denim jacket and great frog rings (not pictures)

Overall, I had such a great time on the Sunday of Sonisphere festival in Knebworth. A fantastic combination of awesome live music, cool thrift like fashion and some good ol' greasy festival food meant it was a great way to spend a Sunday. Thanks Dad for the ticket! 

It's also really given me the festival bug, so watch this space for further festival posts throughout the summer!


  1. Nice pictures! Seems like you had a blast!

    x Dawn

  2. Your outfit! SWOON! The levis are so perfect x