Back in April, it was announced that cosmetics giants M.A.C would be releasing a colour collection with Pop Star d'jour Lorde. The singer-songwriter from New Zealand is well known not only for her soulful voice and melodic sounds but also for her striking deep purple lips. In an interview on Vogue.com, it would appear that Lorde had approached M.A.C asking for them to create 5 new dark shades of lipstick for her, as she was already a great fan of the dark plummy shades the brand had on offer. This developed into a very small collaboration that was released on maccosmetics.com on the 5th June. The mini collaboration consists of one lipstick - in shade 'Pure Heroine' - and a Penultimate Eye Liner in Black,  apparently Lorde's onstage essentials. 

Beauty buffs out there may have noticed that the shade 'Heroine' already exists and Lorde's debut album is called 'Pure Heroine' so cleverly the beauty brand and beautiful singer decided to base the lipstick on the original 'Heroine' shade but with a Lorde twist. 'Heroine' is described as a 'Bright Purple' however 'Pure Heroine' has been given a Lorde makeover and the amplified finish shade is described as 'Deep Purple'. Although I have neither shade in my M.A.C lipstick collection - being a red head I don't tend to wear any purple lipstick thus did not feel the need to add any just for the sake of this collection - I have done some research into the difference between 'Heroine' and the new Lorde shade 'Pure Heroine' and they do seem different. While 'Heroine' is truly a 'Bright Purple', 'Pure Heroine' leans more towards berry and plum tones and, due to the amplified finish, appears glossier. 

I attempted to recreate the above face chart for the M.A.C X Lorde collection using some existing products I own. I am a huge fan of the felt tip style eyeliners as I feel you get far more control over the thickness of the line you draw and it's so much easier than a traditional liquid liner than comes with a pot.

 M.A.C Face & Body in N1 
M.A.C Blush in 'Pink Tea'
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Permanent Tapue' (great contouring colour for pale people!)

M.A.C Eyeshadows in 'Brûlée' & 'Copperplate'
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Mascara
Barry M mascara
Benefit 'Gimme Brow' Gel in 'Medium/Deep'

M.A.C Lipsticks in 'Rebel' 'Talk That Talk' & 'Smoked Purple'

As stated previously, I don't own 'Heroine' nor 'Pure Heroine' so I mixed some existing purple / berry toned lipsticks from my collection to create this look inspired by the Lorde face chart by M.A.C. 'Talk That Talk' was from the Rihanna <3 M.A.C collection, which I used all over, while I spotted permanent shade 'Rebel' in the centre, and added 'Smoked Purple' which I think was limited edition a few years back onto the outer corners. Overall, I do like the colour, however feels it clashes too much with my red hair. 

Glamour Magazine are giving away a free full-sized Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner with its current July issue which, combined with the beautiful Alexa Chung gracing the cover, was enough reason for me to grab a copy recently even though I don't usually read it. I already have two felt tip style eyeliners, one by H&M Beauty and the other by Collection, and I have to admit, the Eyeko one is much blacker and more product comes out making it easier to apply. My only dislike of felt-tip eyeliners is they are incredibly prone to drying out quickly.

 From L-R: 'Talk That Talk' | 'Rebel' | 'Smoked Purple'
From L-R: H&M | Eyeko | Collection

Note: Please don't let the above pictures fool you, I hate espadrilles with a passion however it was the only largely white image in Glamour suitable for swatching!

Also, you may have noticed 2 additions to my face in the form of a nose ring and a micro dermal piercing.

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