It may be obvious already from previous outfit of the day pictures here on Nouvelle Noire that I am a fan of black. However, I do like the like to combine different textures within a black outfit in order to give it more depth, a certain je ne sais quoi. My blogging best friend, Millie of She Hearts The High Street, kindly took these outfit photos for me when we went to an event recently - more about that to come! - and I'm very pleased with the results. Initially, I thought there was perhaps too much leather in this outfit, if there ever is such a thing as too much leather, but I actually really like the effect of the black on black, leather on leather. Usually, the only colour in any outfit I wear is my lipstick and my hair, however I here added my beloved rose Dr. Marten's to add a subtle bit of extra colour to this black ensemble. 

Mesh and Cotton Crop Top - H&M
Faux Leather Skirt - Internacionale 
Faux Leather and Wool Coat - New Look
 Granite Grey Bayswater Bag - Mulberry
Rose Boots - Dr. Marten's

Necklaces - Vivienne Westwood
Silver Midi Rings - Stacey Hare


  1. Amazing outfit. Your coat is awesome! And those shoes, they can appear in my closet ~

    x Dawn

  2. Thank you! They're beautiful aren't they

    J xx