Last Wednesday, I took a day trip to Brighton. Although I tend to go to Brighton fairly regularly, as it's only a hour away by train and I love the atmosphere, this time I had a specific purpose for going. I had my interview for the University of Brighton, for their Fashion & Dress History BA Degree. The reason I waited a week to post this was to wait and see if I had been accepted to the course, and thankfully, I have- with an unconditional offer! I'm so excited to be moving to Brighton after summer and embarking on a 3 year degree. 

After my interview, my friend Katherine and I decided to see a bit of Brighton together. Of course, no trip with me would be complete without a trip to the Museum & Art Gallery. I've always remembered Brighton's fashion exhibition albeit small. I love the focus on subcultures, from teddy boys and rockers to goths and hippies. As previously mentioned, my favourite period of fashion, and literature for that matter, is the 19th century, and Brighton Museum has a few Victorian dresses. I also love the domestic exhibition, with home decor and furnishings throughout history. I can foresee the museum really helping me through my impending degree!

The Brighton Museum & Art Gallery is set on the grounds of The Royal Pavilion, a former royal residence. It was the perfect backdrop for some Outfit Of The Day Photos. It was pretty miserable weather so I thought I would take my leopard print coat out for the day!

Leather Look Shift Dress - New Look*
Leopard Print Coat - Topshop
Cherry Red Shoes - Dr Marten's 
Rings - The Great Frog & Stacey Hare 

Finally, no trip to Brighton would be complete without a visit to the Pier. The lure of the flashing lights of the arcade and fair ground at the end and the sickly sweet scent of candy floss, doughnuts and numerous other foods that are rife with diabetes, Brighton Pier is ever so tacky, yet always a must! Katherine and I decided to go on the 'Horror Hotel' ghost train ride, that was surprisingly spooky! 

Overall, our day trip to Brighton was so fun, and ultimately productive as I got my unconditional place at University and had an amazing time in the process! I can't wait to move their, it's such an eclectic, eccentric city and I've spotted some fab backgrounds for future Outfit Of The Day posts!

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  1. Really nice pictures!

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