At the beginning of May, eccentric Carnaby Street held an evening shopping event offering customers 20 percent off the majority of shops, restaurants and pubs / bars in the area. Although this is a recurrent event, this was my first time going. Carnaby Street is one of my favourite places to shop in London, alongside Camden Market and Covent Garden / Seven Dials. With Monki, Levi's Vintage and Brandy Melville on the fashion front, a huge M.A.C Pro store and Illamasqua's flagship store serving all beauty needs and a plethora of bar's and restaurants, including The Diner, Carnaby Street has everything you need in a small vicinity. 

Although I really could have gone mad on the 20% off shopping event, there were two items that I knew I absolutely wanted, and the discount would really help me towards these. Meeting up with my blogging partner in crime and best friend Millie, from She Hearts The High Street, we decided to use and abuse the discount and headed into our favourite shops. I had 2 pairs of shoes on my wish list, one of which were a pair of 1460 Dr Marten's in black. At £100, with many a pair at home and with summer approaching, I decided against this purchase. This didn't stop me taking advantage of the Dr Martens photo booth to showcase my Cherry Red doc shoes!

Then we popped into Brandy, Cheap Monday and Monki (where I picked up a fortune cookie) amongst other shops and boutiques however didn't buy anything else. I have my 2 wish list items set on my brain, so I beelined for Office - whose queue was snaking around the shop almost heading out of the front door. I originally went in for the white with red band low converse, however Millie and I spotted a pair that were so 'me' I decided to get them instead. Although I had the white in my head as a summer shoe and would go with so much, ultimately the ones I eventually chose - the all black mono high tops - go with so much more and in a way satisfy my want for black boots in the Dr Martens that I didn't get, whilst still being converse and comfortable. I am so happy with them, and I've been wearing them to death since the beginning of May! They were featured in my Bath In Fashion OOTD post which you can read here

My final purchase of the night, and the reason for the delay in my posting of this event, was from my favourite jewellers, The Great Frog. Just off Carnaby Street, on Ganton Street, is The Great Frog, a jewellers that specialise in sterling silver chunky pieces that heavily feature skulls (my favourite things!). I already have one ring from there - an irish claddagh ring, and two midi rings from Stacey Hare who works there. However as it is their trademark, I desperately wanted a skull ring. I had to wait for the ring to be resized, and I picked it up this weekend and I love it! It is perfect, and I'm so glad I finally invested in it, with the help of the discount. I chose the 'Double Headed Open Band' skull ring in silver, and it's the right balance between edgy and delicate enough for my skinny, boney fingers! It has, however, only strengthened my desire to adorn every finger with The Great Frog rings! 

We then rounded up the evening by going to our favourite eatery- The Diner. They do some of the tastiest cocktails, sweet potato fries and veggie burgers (I am yet to try the veggie hot dog!)! All in the the Carnaby Street Shopping Event was a great success, and I can't wait for the next one, where I hope to purhcase another Great Frog beauty, along with some Illamasqua makeup - a brand that I am new to discover and really want to try out! 

I also attended the Seven Dials 20% off shopping event the weekend just gone, so stay tuned for a blog post on that soon!

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