Since winning the above from the brilliant blog British Couture, I have been a little bit obsessed with statement necklaces. Generally, I play it safe with my jewellery - my 'jadebd' name necklace and my two silver midi rings from Stacey Hare. I also have a silver chunky Claddagh ring from The Great Frog, which I used to wear religiously, however now I don't, although my Great Frog wishlist is every growing so in the next month I hope to add the 'Band of Skulls' ring to my everyday jewellery. Previously, I had never particularly been a fan of 'costume' jewellery. By this, I mean high street jewellery that will inevitably turn your finger / neck / ears green! However, after winning this beautiful necklace, which combines oxidized silver, white enamel and glass crystals, I have decided to be more adventurous in my accessorizing.

My wonderful fellow blogger and friend, Millie, from She Hearts The High Street kindly bought me this beautiful black necklace for my birthday last year. She definitely knows me well, with this gothic, victorian style necklace fitting perfectly into my wardrobe and style. The ornate yet delicate black  detailing is set off with the large but not imposing black stone in the centre. 

I recently increased my statement necklace collection when I went to Primark. I very rarely buy things from Primark, not because I don't like the products - in fact almost every time I go into Primark, I leave with a purchase - but because of the hectic, unorganised chaos that goes hand-in-hand with Primark. However, I braved my local shop with the aim of getting a weekend / overnight bag (which I found and really like), and also left with two further statement necklaces.

Firstly, I noticed the top necklace. Not usually a fan of tribal or Aztec style, well anything, this necklace stood out to me because of the glossy black stones contrasting with the oxidized silver that is textured with embossing. Having trialled this necklace in Bristol this weekend, it's definitely hard-wearing and can be used for day to night transitioning.

The second necklace is something I have been looking for for a while. I had had my eye on a silver collar style necklace in Topshop, however it has sold out and I hadn't seen it in store. So this three tiered version in Primark was a welcome alternative, as was the price, which was three times cheaper- for something three times the size technically. It was hard to take a picture without my phone being reflected in the mirror, so you also have a sneaky peak into my bedroom courtesy of the necklace.    

As a lover of peter pan collars, I can't wait to pair these statement necklaces with the collars, and also use them to personalise and dress up some of the basics that I bought recently, which you can read in my H&M Haul post  Thank you again to British Couture, not only for my beautiful necklace, but for starting an obsession with accessories! 

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