When it comes to basics, H&M tends to be who I turn to. The Swedish based brand that dominate the high-street (my local town has 3 H&M stores, while on Regent's/ Oxford Street you're rarely 100ft from a H&M!), are heroes for basics and chic staple pieces to build your wardrobe around. Recently, the urge to fill my every-growing wardrobe with staple items that I carry from season to season has lead me to obsession over finding the perfect loose fitting white tee and lusting over basic monochromatic tops to add to my plethora of skirts, mainly black and / or pleather. Originally going into H&M for a few duplicate black and white tees, I left with an assortment of monochrome tops that combine both basic staple shapes with lashings of my personal style without making them any less timeless.

See below the items of my H&M basics haul
Initially, this was the only item I wanted. Loose fitting and on the right side of sheer, this basic white tee is the perfect addition to anyone's staple wardrobe. H&M basics are incredibly reasonably priced, good quality and a prefect slouchy cut. Paired with distressed jeans and a pair of Dr. Marten's, it created the perfect laid-back chic vibe, yet can be dressed up with a high-waisted leather pencil skirt. I did also want to pick one up in black, but alas they didn't have my size.

This item was the only one of my haul that I was a little apprehensive about. However having styled it in some different ways, I now love it. As a fan of roses, hence the two tattoos red roses that adorn my back and that will soon be extended down my arms, this top stood out to me instantly. The only thing that concerned me was the shape. My womanly curves (read: little waist and big bum) mean that I tend to lean towards high-waisted or fitted pieces to accentuate this, and I had previously thought that oversized or shapeless items would just make me look huge. This t-shirt dress proves that this is not the case! 
I do love a good sweetheart neckline, and the addition of the fine mesh sleeves means these are great transitional tops to take you from any season. My aforementioned back tattoo also shows nicely through the mesh back. I got the white in a Small and the black in an XS so I felt the black looked better tighter, while the white was nicer less snug. Again, this can be paired with a high-waisted skirt or it can be worn underneath a dress to make it more weather appropriate and transform a dainty dress to have a grunge edge.

As a small busted woman, although I love the bralet look, I feel that my utter lack of bust means that wearing a bralet may make me look like a child trying on her mother's bra. Therefore, this white crop with a printed bralet seemed to solve this problem for me! It is reminiscent of Madonna during her 'Papa Don't Preach' phase and errs on the right side of the eighties, which in my opinion is a very short list as I think fashion was most definitely forgotten in the eighties! However, Madonna's fishnet and bustier stage was a highlight. I haven't had any ideas of how to style this, but watch this space for an Outfit of The Day featuring this coming soon!
Another item that I had on my basics wish list for a long time, but again, felt my figure wouldn't allow me to pull it off. Again, the changing room in H&M saw me having a revelation that in fact not only can I pull it off, it actually really suits me. The high neck actually distracts attention from my top half, and the racerback style back and front is incredibly flattering.

That's all for my H&M basics haul. I'm incredibly please to finally have a good selection of black and white tops to chose from to pair with my endless supply of skirts. As a teenager, my top of choice was definitely the vest top, which I feel I have grown out of lately and also doesn't suit my twenty year old figure as it once did my teenage self. The joys of womanhood and puberty eh? 

I plan to post some more OOTD features soon, so I can share how I style these pieces.

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