Sustainability in fashion is becoming of greater interest and focus recently. Partly due to environmental awareness and how we are wasting and abusing the earths resources with our frivolous consumerism at a detrimental cost to climate change, which is ever apparent with the current flooding and server weather extremities in Britain lately, but mostly the emphasis on sustainability is due to our ever dwindling economy. With new designers such as Gary Harvey creating evening dresses out of what is essentially rubbish (crisp packet couture one might say), and esteemed designers putting a greater emphasis on changing consumer habits, sustainable fashion is a reoccurring issue.  The above quote, by Dame Vivienne Westwood who is definitely pioneering the mission to keep the environment on the conscious of the consumer, embodies her Climate Revolution campaigns but also highlights to us how we cannot waste resources and income on an entire new collection twice a year. 

I've wanted to have a clothes swap evening with my lovely friends for a while now, as not only do they have amazing individual style, but the idea of getting that thrill of new clothes without having to part with any money seemed fantastic. However, we never got around to it. Therefore, when I was invited to the VoucherCode Bloggers Swap Shop I jumped at the chance. The concept was simple; bring your unwanted items and swap them with fellow bloggers unwanted items. The blogging world is of constant influence and inspiration to me, the idea of attending an event where I could not only meet fellow bloggers, but come away with pieces of their own wardrobe, albeit pieces they no longer want, was exciting.

Of course, no blogging event would be a success some vital elements. With a choice of 3 cocktails, a pic'n'mix style sweet stand and a Photo Booth with props at the ready, the event was definitely blogger and blogger ready. However, away from the event logistics, the concept and uniqueness of the event remained strongly in focus. With great merchandising and a constant flow of new items displayed clearly around the venue, it was easy to browse amongst the rails, picking out items as you would in a shop. The saying goes that 'one mans trash is another mans treasure', and that was certainly true at the #VCSWAPSHOP. Surprisingly, the choice of high street brands was vast and the items were not only on trend, but some of them were even so new, they were still in the shops! They also had a great customisation table, with a number of tools and equipment to alter and individualise your new items, it was a great way to update your wardrobe but not break the bank.

It was absolutely lovely to finally meet Stephanie from faiiint at the event, who was not only so friendly, also found the most amazing Herve Leger bandage dress (black, naturally!) at the swap shop! Ive  also used one of her pictures here (hope thats ok Stephanie!) I also met with my blogging buddy Millie, from She Hearts The High Street, who picked up some great bits and clogged the event, and I took my work pally Laura, who totally stole the show with her great cheekbones in the Photo Booth! We all had a fabulous time, came home with some amazing new clothes and didn't spend a penny in the process! See below my wardrobe updates from the #VCSwapShop

Two white tees, both from TopShop, a black peter pan collar dress and a leopard print baby doll dress from H&M and a pair of black low heels from New Look completed my little Swap Shop haul! Notice that all my items are easy pieces that will fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. Sustainability in fashion is a very important cause, and buying less but choosing well should definitely be on your mind. The items I chose, to me, aren't statement pieces. Although leopard print may seem statement, but it fits in my wardrobe well and it a print I will like regardless of 'trends'. It is important to note that sustainability in fashion doesn't mean 'do not buy anything ever again', it just means be more careful with what you buy and where you buy it. Thrift, trawl through vintage markets or swap with your friends, you never know where your new favourite item may come from!

Thank you to Voucher Code's for hosting such a brilliant and innovative event!

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