Not a fan of rose-tinted fairy tales, nor of a beautiful princess needing her 'knight in shining armour' in order to live happily ever after, I've never particularly been a Disney Fairy Tale kind of girl. Being bombarded as a child with these stereotypes, it reinforces the idea that this is the only path to happiness, and that the only other female character is more often than not ugly, alone and regarded as a witch. 

Now, I've always been drawn more towards the female villains within Disney films. Not only do they tend to have amazing, avant-garde dress sense - the Queen of Hearts and Cruella Deville to name a few -  but they also have amazingly creative beauty, from hair to makeup.

Cosmetic's heroines M.A.C have once before focused on the female villains, in the September 2010 collection titled 'Venomous Villains'. A deliciously dark collection of deep emerald, amethyst, sapphire and ruby hues with lashings of gold laced through. The collection was very well received, however personally I'm not a fan of shimmery, glittery shades.

Therefore, when the new Maleficent trailers were released, featuring an incredibly horned and contoured Angelina Jolie as the main character, the subsequent posts about the upcoming M.A.C x Maleficent collaboration intrigued me. 

Unlike the 'Venomous Villians' collection, this collection is less 'drama through colour and glitter', and more  sophisticated and about creating depths by enhancing the hollows of the face and eye sockets with matte taupey shades for face and in the eyeshadow quad. Lips and nails have a scarlet focus, along with a nude and black. 

Most strikingly obvious is the extreme killer cheekbones Jolie has been given. They most definitely put Kim Kardashian's alien-esque contouring techniques to shame. Genetics have blessed me with fairly high cheekbones, thus meaning I am fairly lazy in the contouring routine (read: I don't own a single bronzer, often forget about blusher altogether and sorry, what is highlighter?). However the Maleficent collection includes a Sculpt Powder in a very soft taupe colour, called 'Sculpt', which I pre-empt will suit my moon kissed, NW10 skin perfectly so perhaps I may delve into the realm of contouring!

It is worth noting, according to speculations, all the shades in the eyeshadow quad are from the permanent collection, so if you miss out on the inevitable quick sell out collection, they will still be available to buy separately. Similarly, Nocturnelle the black nail polish is also part of the permanent collection, The red lipstick and nail polish are limited edition, and dependant on the shade I may have to add them to my ever-growing red lipstick collection!

Overall, the M.A.C x Maleficent collection appears to be incredibly wearable yet suitably dark and mysterious, suiting the film perfectly! Although it was speculated that the collection would be green and purple heavy, due to the illustrated versions of Disney's Maleficent, M.A.C have updated the self-proclaimed 'Mistress of All Evil's look and given it a mature, romantic goth make over. The collection will be released in Summer, as will the film.

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  1. I have to say this is pretty freaking awesome! I need some of these items in my make-up collection. Wow!

    x Dawn