When tragedy occurs, more often than not the focus tends to be on the negative. L'Wren Scott's tragic, and sudden death is no exception. When news broke of the model-turned-designer's suspected suicide, the tabloids and gossip websites we're quick to make assumptions and speculate the reason of her death, from break ups to bankruptcy. What is being lost amongst the shock however is respect and appreciation for the success and achievements of this talented individual. 

Despite many people knowing L'Wren Scott as being legendary rock star Mick Jagger, and in the wake of her death, her own exceptional achievements seem to have been lost in the commotion. 

Standing tall at an elegant 6 foot 3, she found it hard to find clothes, turning to sewing and making her own designs at a young age. Her height combined with her photogenic features, means it was no surprise that Scott was scouted in her home town of Utah by Bruce Webber, who encouraged her to pursue a career in modelling, a path that she very successfully strutted, walking in numerous Haute Couture shows including Chanel and featuring in Vogue. 

L'Wren was not 'just a pretty face' though. Having brains as well as beauty led her to working for Prada as a publicist in Los Angeles, and style consultant for Nicole Kidman and the Oscar's. Although she thrived as a publicist, her heart still belonged to designing. Therefore, in 2005, after being unable to find the perfect Little Black Dress, she decided to design her own. As she put it "After working with clothes for so long, it seemed right to design them". 

With this, Scott presented her first fashion collection 'Little Black Dress' in 2006. It was well received by press, celebrities and, most importantly, by real women and as she put it "These are for real women." Above all, her designs were sexy. They celebrated the female form, no matter what size or age that form came in. Her successful designs expanded into accessories, shoes and a makeup collaboration with LancĂ´me. Her signature style of Hollywood Glam-Rock was celebrated and adored.

In 2013, L'Wren Scott appeared on the London Fashion Week schedule for the first time. In the same year she also designed a capsule collection for Banana Republic, which marked her leap from high end designs, to more affordable high street pieces for the average woman. Banana Republic's creative director Simon Kneen said of the collection "L'Wren really understands what a woman loves and wants to wear." This was a common trait of Scott and her designs. She designed clothes for women, not models. 

In 2014, L'Wren Scott cancelled her London Fashion Week show, and on Monday 17th March she was found dead in her apartment of suspected suicide. Such a tragic loss of such a talented woman. It is of utmost importance that her achievements are remembered and recognised regardless of her death, and of whom she was married to. While she was known for being Mick Jagger's partner, in her own right she alone was a name to remember. Having worked hard to create her fashion brand, and confronted the issue of designing clothes for the customer rather than for 'the model', I have no doubt that her designs will live on, as will her positive impact on the world of fashion.

L'Wren Scott - Rest In Peace

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