It has always amused me that people are willing to spend upwards of £100 on a pair of shoes, yet when it comes to skincare or make-up, perfectly plucked eyebrows are raised at face creams for forty pounds or a lipstick for fifteen. To reference Cher Horowitz of Clueless 'You've seen how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet!' Although I do think the price of certain brands skincare and cosmetics is ridiculous and it is obvious that the money you pay is not because of the ingredients or benefits the products contains but instead only to add profit to an already thriving company. I feel this way not only about beauty, but fashion, music and art too. I would much rather buy from a start-up company than a big name brand, most of the time. 

B. is for Beautiful is a relatively new skincare and make-up brand, owned by and exclusively sold in Superdrug. Now entering their second year as a brand, they are expanding both in product availability and in press awareness. I first encountered B. when I was looking for some products for a beauty swap with Shelley. I sent her the B. Smokey Eye Palette, which I was later bought by a lovely friend. From here, I started to look further into their products, in particular their Micellar Water. This product was much cheaper than the Bioderma equivalent, and so far I've felt it's worked the same. Although I previously stated not minding pay a lot for products that work, what B. products offer is great products without the hefty price tag. Similarly, one of the main features of B. skincare and cosmetics is that they do not test on animals. Upon emailing their PR team to gain further information about their products, that are all vegan and vegetarian, I was invited to their Spring Press Breakfast to view their new and upcoming skincare and colour collections.

Held at the incredibly chic St Martin's Lane Hotel in the White Rooms, B. showcased their four Spring looks, from graphic eye similar to my previous beauty post, to colour pops on the lips, on enlarged canvases that were accompanied by the products used to create each look, both new and old. Upcoming products to look out for include a brow kit, available in 3 different shades (light, medium and dark) each containing a double ended brush, two powder shades, a wax and a highlighting powder. Having tried this since in the incredibly generous goodie bag, I can definitely recommend this product. It sets and lasts all day, the pigmentation of the powders is perfect, with no fall out. Guests were then given a master class by make-up artist, Cassie Lomas, to recreate the graphic eye trend based look.

Unfortunately, I was unable to stay for the entire class as I had to go to work afterwards, however I was able to try the the primer, bb cream and, for the first time ever, the contouring duo. As previously stated, I'm bronzing virgin, so it was nice to attempt to chisel and define me face. Fortunately, despite not being able to stay for the whole class, the incredibly generous ZPR and B. let us take the entire kit, plus some extra goodies home! I'm excited to try the gel eyeliner and it's great to have a mini Micellar Water to pop into my bag to cleanse on the go.

Thank you so much to the lovely team at B. is for Beautiful and also ZPR. Look out for their skincare in an upcoming feature focusing on brands that are cruelty-free and vegan / vegetarian friendly.

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