With London's vibrant and eclectic creative background, rife with elite fashion and art colleges, emerging talent is something that has to be celebrated. Fortunately, alongside London Fashion Week, presented by the British Fashion Council, we also have Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Like the edgier, younger sister, VFS presents new, upcoming designers who often bring a refreshing and eccentric take on fashion. Unlike the highly commercial shows put on over at Somerset House, like those in my previous post, the designers at Vauxhall Fashion Scout have the luxury and freedom to be much more creative, the exact reason why in many ways I prefer the shows there. 

I was extremely lucky to be invited to several shows at VFS, with thanks to Portia and her amazing Popettes at POP PR, and took along my blogging partner in crime Millie, from She Hearts The High Street.  Find below, as previously, my round up and favourites of Vauxhall Fashion Scout.


Our first show of the season was Jamie Wei Huang, where we managed to experience the FROW for the very first time. Jamie Wei Huang is a Central Saint Martin's graduate whose modern womenswear combines sci-fi elements with deconstructed minimalism. For Autumn / Winter, the collection was very leather heavy, of course a bonus for me. Additionally, the monochromatic palette was set off with scarlet accents, another plus in my opinion. Both Millie and I loved the chunky black and white boots, that matched the biker jackets perfectly. 

Unlike the previous, the Napsugar's collection was more a presentation than a catwalk show, not unlike the Simon Ekrelius 'Monochromatic' presentation. Here we see more knee-high socks, more encouragement to try them, if I needed further persuading! Another black based collection, again with red and white highlights. I loved the contrast of heavy black biker boots and delicate stroppy sandals throughout the presentation. I particularly liked the leather shift dress, and I'm glad to see leather being used in another collection. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get to go the the Belle Sauvage show, which was on the saturday, due to work commitments. However, Millie relayed the collection to me, and after seeing the pictures on vogue.co.uk, how could I not include it? Monochrome, red lipstick and cats. It's pretty much me, in clothes form! Incredibly wearable, yet still eye-catching, Belle Sauvage presented a stunning collection that I can tell will be universally liked, from press and editorial to commercial and buyers. Elegant whilst remaining edgy, this was definitely my favourite collection, and it's such a shame that I couldn't see it in person. Finger's crossed for next season!

Vauxhall Fashion Scout plays host to the best of the new comers each season, which I think is so important. I have no doubt that several of the designers showcasing here will in the near future take the metaphorical jump, albeit it short in physical distance, over to Somerset House and show alongside the big names in British fashion.

Until September, goodbye London Fashion Week, and let me get back to the incredibly difficult task of packing for Paris, with hand luggage only...

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