If fashion is a way to make a statement and express yourself, then slogan tees are like the exclamation point to affirm your communiqué. From blatant branding to tongue-in-cheek homages, white tees with black font allows your style to say what you want.

Logo's and slogans in fashion is far from a new concept. In fact, branding was first really introduced by Coco Chanel's iconic linked C logo back in the nineteen twenties. From there the monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage and handbags, J'adore Dior tees, right up to the Moschino and D&G belts became huge fashion statements. Especially in the nineties, wearing a label discreetly was not enough, your body became your billboard, if you were wearing a designer, why not spell it out?

Fair to say, universally, what happened in fashion in the nineties, with the exception of grunge, should have stayed in the decade, designers and creative directors alike have taken note and incorporated slogan tees back into their upcoming collections, but it a much more subtle and stylish manner.

Although the Brian Lichtenberg 'Homiés' and the blogger favourite 'Céline Paris' tees pay perfect homage to designer logo's Hermes and Céline respectively, it may seem not en Vogue to be wearing items that so obviously base themselves on their designer counterparts. 

However, upon viewing Moschino's Pre-Fall Collection it's clear that creative director Jeremy Scott has taken influence from the abundance of street stylers and bloggers who are working the Slogan tee trend.

Erring on the right side of funny, this oversized tee stating 'I didn't know what to wear today so I put on this designer t-shirt', perfectly sums up how many people think whilst getting dressed. While most still want to look like effort has been made, sometimes throwing on a white tee over trusty skinnies is as far as the imagination will take one. This therefore is a perfect solution. 

Although to many this is simply a white tee, no doubt the fact that it is Moschino will mean it will not be fairly priced for what it is (however if you want to work out cost per wear, perhaps it is worth it, based upon the amount of days I at least opt for the white tee and skinnies combo deeming it all but necessary). Therefore, turning to the high street, with a few high end thrown in, I have put together some Slogan tees, ranging from cheap to chic.

Slogan Tees

Having never previously been a fan of online shopping, believing in Carrie Bradsaw's mantra of shopping being my (only) form of cardio, I hadn't until recently realised the amount of brilliant companies dominating the online shopping district. Brands like Minga London, whose stock include the 'Ain't Laurent Without Yves' and new on my wishlist a top that incorporates one of my favourite brand logo's and one of my favourite words, which happens to be a swear word, cheeky, or Batoko, who I recently bought a 'VAGUE' top from, as seen below. Similarly, on a trip to Camden last year, I found the perfect homage to Chanel with a bleeding double C logo vest. Bartering prices has never been my strong point, however I managed to get this, and another Chanel inspired vest for a very reasonable price!

Paired with a number of outfits, these slogan tees have become a staple to my wardrobe pairing either with my favourite pair of ripped black skinnies and converse or dressing them up with a PVC midi skirt and heels. Having the same font and being a mere one letter different to fashion bible 'Vogue', the former definitely ticks the boxes of being slightly cheeky yet effortlessly chic, while the later takes an edgy approach to the chic Chanel look, which I think sums up my style perfectly.

So next time that the moment of desperation comes and you're stood in front of your wardrobe in your underwear having a mini fashion meltdown over having nothing to wear, take inspiration from Jeremy Scott and Moschino and put on your Slogan Tee!


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  2. I love slogan tees! They are so awesome!

    x Dawn

  3. stunning girl! love the slogan tee, and how a
    slogan t-shirts