One of the best things about living in London is the opportunities in the creative industry that it opens up. London's fashion and art scene is a diverse, eclectic and provocative one, that I am lucky to be exposed to on a daily basis. British designers are best known for their quirky, creative nature, and our street style is definitely the most interesting, although of course I am being biased. 

Britain is birth place of great fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney, as well as having some of the most celebrated art and fashion colleges in the world, namely London College of Fashion and Central St Martins. Finding up and coming creatives is so important, as so many of the fashion elite hail from my homeland. 

Having been internally interning for the last year and a half, building up a resume with highly respected names, a placement that I learnt the most was at a fairly new, but fabulous PR firm called Pop PR. With ever growing clients, one that did and I think always will stand out to me was a designer who always puts her entire creative energy into her collections each season.


Pam Hogg is a Scottish designer, now based in trendy East London. Often hailed 'Queen of the Catsuit', said piece is featured heavily in each of her collections. These catsuits, and cleverly dubbed 'kittensuits' - playsuits to those unfashion savvy -  are trademark designs that have the ability to really flatter and accentuate  the female form. Of her catsuits, Pam Hogg says 'I love giving power to women and I feel my clothes allow freedom' 

Freedom is most definitely allowed in Pam Hogg designs. Not one to shy away from revealing the beautiful human form, her pieces often encompas  sheer panelling at least, and full on nudity at most.
Having worked on the Pam Hogg Autumn Winter 13 show, entitled 'Emperors New Clothes', at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, the energy and anticipation from both the design team and the audience is so obviously apparent. Given the title, nudity was expected, and they were not disappointed! Celebration of the form, especially that of the female form interests me greatly, perhaps the main reason this designer appeals to me.

Unsurprisingly, she favours black. However contrasting leather, latex, netting and sheer gives the black depth and ensures that, while being alternative and artistic, the pieces are always editorial favourites because of their striking nature and how they photograph. A stylist would rarely enter the showroom without noticing, and inevitably loaning, her avant-garde pieces. She is also a firm favourite of celebrities including Lady Gaga, a fellow slave to her art. 

Having had the honour to work closely with Pam herself, her enthusiasm is so obvious and admirable. Putting her entirety into her work, her achievements are commendable.

all images from PamHogg.com

Her shows are always a mix of dancers and models, with ballet featuring prominently as models walking down the catwalk on their tiptoes. Each show is less a simple 5 minute catwalk show, and more a performance that captures and engrosses everyone in the room. While some designers rely on shock tactics, for example nudity, to create a name for their work, Pam Hogg does not. Certainly each collection is controversial, however this does not distract for her skill and creativity, it only enhances it.

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