January is, or so I am frequently told, a time for new beginnings. The new year brings with it new hope and a new attitude to life. What better then than a new wardrobe to match this new you? To achieve this, January conveniently is also the time of the sales. While many braved the Boxing Day and New Years Day in-store sale at Harrods, I couldn't think of anything worse on either days, although the Butlers offering pastries to those queuing may have taken the edge off.

Instead, I turned to the internet to fulfil my designer discount lusts. Browsing Net-A-Porter I came across Karl Lagerfeld's sale section. Although most famously known as the Head Designer at Chanel, Lagerfeld also has his own self titled collection, aimed at the younger, edgier generation. It is predominantly monochrome, like the colour palette of the creator himself.

If Nouvelle Noire has not emphasised my love of black and white thus far, let me reiterate: Monochrome is my weakness. It seems that I am not alone in this thought. Karl Lagerfeld himself has said 'Black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means'. Of course, I agree, but would also say while it has a contemporary feel, a classic monochrome combination can look simultaneously timeless.

Therefore, when stumbling (read: setting out deliberately to look at the Lagerfeld collection) upon this on Net-A-Porter, I felt inspired to create a 'Black et Blanc' mood board. All items below were, and may still be depending on when you are reading this, in the sale with discounts averaging 50%. My highlight of the sale is definitely the jumpsuit. I love masculine tailoring on females; I think it screams power and strength. 

Black et Blanc

Now, even with the generous discounts, Karl Lagerfeld is out of my budget. That does not however mean that I couldn't take this as inspiration to create my own black and blanc outfit. Mixing high street with designer accessories in a striking monochrome outfit is habitual for me, and the below outfit is no exception.

 Tuxedo Blazer - Miss Selfridge | Black Leotard - MissGuided | Skull Scarf - Alexander McQueen | Faux Leather and Demin Trousers - H&M | Monochrome Boots - Lavish Alice

Mixing textures like the faux leather and denim trousers and the suede and rubber boots, plus the impressive tailoring of the blazer demonstrates how well the high street can compete with high end. A colleague said to me about this outfit 'You manage to wear black and white and still stand out. It's the way you wear it.' For me, this was the ultimate compliment. Coco Chanel once said 'In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different', and I strive to achieve this. Black and white can be mistaken for being boring, dull or unimaginative. Ultimately however, it is how you wear these absences of colour that give the clothes, and yourself, presence. 

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