Fashion and the Museum - Galeria Melissa Covent Garden

You may be familiar with the Melissa shoe brand for their plastic, brightly coloured shoes that have a very sweet scent to them. They are a Brazilian footwear label, founded in 1971, who have since collaborated with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Gareth Pugh, Jeremy Scott and I think most memorably Vivienne Westwood.

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The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined

The Barbican Centre Art Gallery celebrated bad taste in their most recent Fashion Exhibtion The Vulgar: Redefining Fashion and challenging perceptions of taste in fashion.

Taste, and what is and is not tasteful, is a much-debated topic within fashion. James Laver wrote a book in 1945 titled Taste and Fashion: From the French Revolution to the Present Day, in which he analyses how fashion can change its meaning from decade to decade. He states: ‘The same costume will be Indecent ten years before its time, Shameless five years before its time, Outre (daring) one year before its time, Smart (in its own time), Dowdy one year after its time, Ridiculous twenty years after its time, Amusing thirty years after its time, Quaint fifty years after its time, Charming seventy years after its time, Romantic one-hundred years after its time, Beautiful one-hundred-and-fifty years after its time.’ In other words, take any garment. While its wearer may believe they are wearing the latest fashions, their peers think they are distasteful yet years later, they may be seen as a fashion victim and later still a fashion icon. Clothes are then romanticized through time until fans of vintage or retro fashion pick out old items with a rose-tinted nostalgia.  


The Year of Change

So, evidently, Nouvelle Noire was somewhat abandoned during 2016. Many factor caused this. None of which are excuses, simply explanations.

Firstly, the demands of being in third year at university became overwhelming. That is not to say I had no down time. I did. However these were used binge-watching series in order to give my brain some form of rest. Despite this, by far, being my favourite year thus far, it is far more theory heavy. Whilst this is challenging, I'm absolutely loving it. As am I loving, controversially, writing my dissertation.  Some of my time has been spent over on my research blog, www.haute-horror.blogspot.com for anyone interested, writing content that varies from that of Nouvelle Noire.


Dr Marten's Lust List

I've always been a huge fan of Dr Marten's, because they're so comfortable, as well as being fashion-forward. I already have a shamefully large collection of Dr Marten's, however that does not, and will not, stop me lusting - and potentially adding to my collection!