The Haute Street

Since moving to Brighton almost three years ago, I've noticed some small home comforts I've missed about living and working in London. One of these, as small as it seems, was the ability to pick up the free magazines Stylist and ES Magazine from underground stations to read on my commute home. I have now realized that it became very easy to take this weekly routine for granted. Now, whenever I come to London midweek, I get (over) excited to pick up one, or both, of these magazine.

For the first time in about a year, I am back at 'home' home for a substantial amount of time. Usually my visits are fleeting and for a purpose - a family event, a fashion talk, or a job. This week I've had a week off work, and I also had to move out of my Brighton room so a sever mould and damp problem can finally be sorted (six months after moving in and reporting it, but better late than never, eh?).  Timing has not been my friend - my dissertation is due in 2 weeks today, so moving out with all nineteen of my heavy books, plus clothes, toiletries etc meant I was struggling on the tube during rush hour with a huge red suitcase - not very in keeping with my aesthetic, I know but it was the biggest case I had!- a tote bag with my laptop and a handbag with my essentials (read: lipstick).